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Mrs.D- Daily- The Facts & Figures

Meet Mrs.D – Daily………….

This blog has a strong voice via Mrs D she is 52 years old and she encourages other women enjoy themselves, the blog covers fashion, beauty, accessories, home décor and culture which can be a great book to a fabulous place to holiday or the ultimate spa break – there are no rules as style isn’t built on rules it’s built on personal taste and in your 40’s, 50’s you have your style and the money to indulge.

This particular sector of the population is largely ignored by brands and retailers and when this blog was launched initially as Fashionable Maven in April 2010 it was a different landscape – thing have changed due to Mary Portas and her House of Fraser range has raised awareness on this sector.

According to Mintel, UK women aged between 50 and 69 buy more designer fashion and luxury goods than any other group, while the over-55s also control about 80 per cent of the country's wealth – a pot that is estimated to grow to £6.4 billion by 2014. By 2020 over half of the UK population will be over 50 and 80% of the UK’s wealth is held by the over 50s- the over 50’s account for 40% of consumer spending with a 1/3 of over 50s are online and 60% of over 50s shop online. Women over 45 make up 21.2% of the UK’s population, increasing to 24% by 2021.
* Statistics sourced from: Fair Investment Company, Gfk financial, and Office for National Statistics, Ipsos MORI, and Mindbranch.

They have a high spending power and are usually referred to as the “forgotten age “ as they are not actively targeted yes they hold the nations purse strings. You can read more accurate figures here

 The blog was launched in May 2010 and now has a steady 450 000 page views a month and the readers do click through and purchase via the site and return daily.

The main part of the blog is educating retailers and brands on this age group and also getting this high spend group to look at your brand and identify with it and embrace it.

If you want to contact this age group contact us on : 

Miss Dinky -The Facts & Figures

This is an amalgamation of two very successful sites into one – just  a small potted background history .

Dinky's Delights this is the first blog in the Pure Sauce Retail blog network launched in June 2009 – this blog has a great readership and has some great areas on the site for interaction with consumers by retailers and brands.  Dinky’s Décor was launched in April 2011 after recognising the biggest hits on Dinky’s Delights came from any home ware mentions so decided to dedicate one blog to this area. It has been a big success from day one with readers coming back daily for updates – this site covers everything from furniture to how to buy a mattress to hanging wallpaper or what you need for basic DIY.

Now we have MissDinky which covers fashion, beauty, accessories and home ware all in one area – the blog is aimed at the 25+ female who is in a flat share with friends and has turned her bedroom into her sanctuary or she has rented accommodation with her partner and is looking to make her own mark on this – she is learning to cook so she is building up her kitchen utensils. She will be looking to entertain and do this with her own sense of style – “ping ping” from the microwave she knows doesn't always cut it and you do have to know the difference between a baking sheet and a roasting tin……
This 25+ female is discerning, she will be well dressed and will appreciate that her home is a reflection of her life and is moving on from student digs to thinking about heirloom pieces and maybe wedding lists and what china she would collect.
The reader has also found her own style and knows what suits and doesn’t she is now looking beyond cheap and cheerful and investing in her wardrobe for the office and weekend.

The blog has a steady daily readership of 300 000 page views a month and the readers do click through and purchase via the site and return daily.

So if you want to talk to this female contact us on

Work with us .........

We do lots of writing …..

Well we write for four blogs so we are used to it, we know what makes people click and buy – yes we know how to turn a reader into a customer – that is blogging alchemy. Plus we have put our money where our mouth is - we do this daily.

We are passionate.............

Mrs.D and Miss Dinky have a great track record of speaking at networking events, colleges and at industry conference – we are passionate but also entertaining, thought provoking and we know our stuff and your staff will connect and understand - we never speak in jargon.


The A to Z of blogging how it can change the way you see your brand and customers react and how to get started blogging and building your brand online – we know it as we do it daily.


 We talk to PRs on how to connect with bloggers, the dos and don’ts and understanding the blog world and how each blog is an extension of the bloggers personality -  plus how PR is changing via social media and how brands need to sit with their PR and affiliate and marketing team and be on track with the same message.

We have big specialist knowledge in the fashion and homeware – these are the two areas we love and adore.
If you need some help and you’re unsure get in touch - we can chat and show you it's not scary.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Elle & Brianna Karp

If you have landed here via the Elle US page or from the Girls Guide to Homelessness and wondered who what and where ……..

So back in March 2009 I found a video of Brianna literally moments after it had gone live – Brianna was newly homeless and living in a trailer in a Wal-Mart car park in Orange County California – I clicked through to her blog – what struck me the most besides the fact she was a similar age to my daughter but in a different set of circumstances – here was a bright, articulate girl who through a twist of fate was living in a trailer which she inherited from her deceased father.
I left a comment on her blog “I’ve just seen the video and I have to say you’re amazing. You’re so grounded and well balanced about what is a very scary situation – I hope your three wishes come true and if I had a wish it would be I could be your fairy godmother and grant those wishes…….Oh, just to let you know you’re not fat and hair looks fine in the video … what people see is you great personality”

Over the next few months I checked in every other day on Brianna from London and followed her on Twitter – during this time Brianna wrote to E. Jean Carroll the famous agony columnist on Elle US about fluffing job interviews – E.Jean was blown away and in July responded on the Elle website and Brianna’s world was turned upside down.
This is what you did with your letter: You knocked me out with your courage and spirit. I am therefore, Miss Not Hopeless, offering you a four-month internship. Of course it's the most hideously humdrum internship in America. You'll be stuck with the tedious job of organizing research for my book, transcribing interviews, and analyzing data from 1,800,000 pages (not a misprint) of a college sex survey I did on Facebook. I looked you up and discovered you're on the West Coast and that you write a highly entertaining blog. You possess a brain and access to a computer. Excellent! If you accept this internship, you'll telecommute to my East Coast mountain office one hour a day, six days a week. At the end of the four months, if you don't have a job and an awesome place to live, I will become your intern.”

So suddenly Brianna is a global phenomenon and from this she got a book deal, TV shows and her life is literally upside down because her trailer has been towed from the Wal-Mart car park – let’s just say don’t mess with women over 40 plus when they are angry and in mom mode ……… we can move mountains – so in December 2009 Brianna came to the UK and she stayed with me until March 2010 and did her book outline.

So that’s the Brianna – Elle connection ……….. and yes I am in her book